Who Are We

FreeSpellCaster.com is a brand new domain in 2021 founded by Jessie, Vicky & Sylvia – with over 20 years providing spells for clients in the USA and throughout the world – face-to-face.

But then “2020” happened.

We decided to shift gears and help people online – no matter where you are in the world!

The main goal is to help people who for one reason or another (especially due to 2020 closures and financial problems) cannot afford to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to cast a spell.

We promise 3 things to you (must be 18 years old and older):

  1. We will cast a real spell using candle magic (fire), chanting/praying (air), appropriate oils/liquids (water), herbs & minerals (earth), and Spirit – on your behalf.
  2. You will see results – “IF” you have faith and patience!(The “wonder twins of manifestation”)
  3. Your information is kept 100% private and confidential.


  • You must be 18 years of age and older to request a spell from our site. We DO NOT cast spells for/on anyone under the age of 18 – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You MUST tell us the truth for your spell to work, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please only request 1 FREE spell. If you need more than 1 spell, please consider giving an “offering/donation” in any amount to help defray our costs.


We are real people. This is NOT an automated site! We get hundreds of emails daily – if you need an answer urgently, please purchase a Tarot Reading (and you will receive a reply in priority order).


Any payments you make will show to “Mistic LLC” the official name of our organization.