Free Spells Casting

Get FREE Spells Cast For You Today!

Real free spell casting for any desire you may have!

We will light the candle jar spell custom-tailored to you (your name, others’ names, birth date(s) and spells goals) – at NO COST TO YOU!*

Important Note: if you do not request a candle spell report divination at the start of your candle spell, unfortunately, once your candle finishes burning – we will just “throw out” your glass jar, and won’t tell you any divination or spell success report. You will just receive an email when your candle begins, and when it ends.

We offer the following types of free spells:

Free Love Spells

We would love to give cast for you free love spell that works. We will light a “fixed” (prepared love candle to manifest your desires) and pray for it DAILY until the candle completes burning.

Optionally, you can request a “CANDLE SPELL REPORT” which, based on the condition of the glass jar and also the wax left, will tell you about your spell (how soon can you see results, if there are any obstacles, etc.)

Or, you can always just get a tarot reading at a later date to answer specific questions on your spell!

Free “Breakup” Spells

Do you want to end your own relationship? Do you desire to separate a couple? Do you want your lover back – but they are with someone else?

Then let us cast a FREE break up spell to end the relationship on our altars!

100% private, 100% confidential, 100% FREE* (except if you desire a “follow-up” candle divination, its just a small donation of $5 – which entitles you to receive a picture of your candle after it finishes burning and we tell you based on the condition of the jar/wax about your spell – when to expect results, any obstacles, etc…)

You do not have to wait another day – get a FREE spell candle to separate/break-up the couple today!

FREE Custom Spells

If the above doesn’t “fit” what you desire, we can cast a free custom-tailored spell to suit your specific goals and requests.

100% private and confidential!

Get a FREE Spell Cast For You Today – Click Here!

Updating – Sept 12 2021

Hello, if you are clicking about – you may have realized we are currently updating our website!

Its’ “brand new” and we anticipate TONS of traffic since we’re providing FREE SPELLS – so please be patient while we “tidy up” a bit.