Manifest Your Desires!

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Some people call it the “Law of Attraction”, others call it witchcraft, magick – spell casting.

Whatever you prefer to call it – we call it “manifesting our desires through energy“.

How We Do It:

  1. We light a candle prepared with the appropriate oils, herbs, flowers, color correspondence and petition the Universe (some call it “Spirit”) to make happen something you specifically desire.
  2. We will petition “Spirit” to help you achieve and manifest what you desire – but more than that, using the “craft of the wise” – we will move “energy” to achieve it!
  3. Finally, once your candle has completed burning, we will email you to let you know your “spell” is finished. (If you ordered a candle report, we will take a photo of your empty candle jar, and detail in a written report what it foretells of your future desires. Otherwise, we simply throw it out.)

All of your details are 100% private and confidential and we do not store your information at all. Once printed for the spell petition, we delete it from our computer servers and burn your “petition paper” in a cauldron to release it as incense into the Universal Spirit to manifest it for you!

We do NOT share, rent, sell nor publish your information – ever.

Our only rules?

Tell the truth and be 18 years of age or older (We do not light spell candles for minors – no exceptions. And “lying” about your age or anything else will cause the manifestation to NOT WORK. So please, just tell the truth to see your desires come true!).

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New! FREE Spell Casting with Tarot Reading! (Ask 1 to 3 questions, receive answers PLUS a Candle Report: when to expect results, any obstacles, etc…)

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FREE Spell Casting Only (email sent only when the spell will begin and when it ended. No further details. Buy a tarot reading later to know more.)

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