Inside a jar candle sample.

List of our services and what we do:

  1. We are spell casters and are offering you the opportunity to have us cast a real candle spell on your behalf on our altar for whatever you need and want.
  2. To offer the free spells – we cast full blown “Jar Candle Spells” for you – which uses Fire, Air, Earth and Water magick (fire is the flame, air is what fuels the flame + chanting and words of power, earth would be the herbs specific to your desires and water are the water-based flower essences sprinkled on top). Of course we call upon “Spirit” to empower the spell!
  3. The candles are lit with your “petition/prayer” specifying a specific result on our altar for you.
  4. The jar candles burn for approximately 5 to 7 days, and we will tell you “when” we will begin your spell and “when” the candle finished burning.

If you purchase a candle spell report, we will take a picture of your empty jar candle and based on the wax remnants and condition of the jar will do divination and tell you what you can expect from the spell.

Its’ just $2 BEFORE the spell begins. (And helps to defray our costs!)

If you do not purchase the candle spell report, we simply throw out the jar candle once it completely stops burning – and therefore no longer have the jar candle and WILL NOT send you any report. (To know about your spell you will have to purchase a tarot reading later.)

Request your free candle spell today!

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